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🌟 My Meeting with the Governor General of Australia – What I Asked Him About Being a Great Leader [Video]

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🌟 My Meeting with the Governor General of Australia – What I Asked Him About Being a Great Leader

🌟 My Meeting with the Governor General of Australia – What I Asked Him About Being a Great Leader

Last year, I got to meet the most senior leader in Australia. Again.

And I asked him about leadership – since teaching others how to become leaders in their fields of expertise is what I do.

Thanks to my partnership with the charity SchoolAid (which my company TekMatix is a sponsor of), and my friend Sean Gordon OAM, I was invited to Admiralty House (The Governor General’s residence) for breakfast.

Never one to miss the opportunity for some mentoring from one of the worlds most senior leaders – the man who reports to The King on behlaf of Australia – I asked him a couple of questions.

Here is a summary of his repsonses, but do check out the video to see his full advice…

🔹 Question 1: How can an aspiring leader uncertain about their ability make a positive change?

His Excellency’s Advice:

Believe in your idea, share it with others for feedback, and gather a team of like-minded individuals with diverse skill sets.

Embrace persistence like a “squeaky gate” to get attention and support.

The key is building a team that challenges and complements your ideas.

🔹 Question 2: What should leaders do when facing tough challenges and heavy responsibilities?

His Excellency’s Insight:

Leadership is inherently challenging and can often feel physically taxing. Develop a strong core – be it faith, philosophy, or life practice – that defines and strengthens you.

Embrace leadership roles, you can only learn leadership through experience, and understand what makes you resilient.

Remember, lead with a strong core, not through ego.

Continuous growth and self-reflection are crucial.

🔹 Question 3: How can you effectively make change happen?

His Excellency’s Strategy:

Hope doesn’t get things done – action does.

Hope alone is not sufficient; it requires a method, a plan.

Focus on how to change minds, inspire generosity, and assist others.

Elevate your goals from mere aspirations to strategic planning and execution.

It’s about turning hope for a better world into tangible achievements.

🙌 Reflection:

An incredible opportunity to gain wisdom from Australia’s most senior leader.

The journey of leadership and making a positive change is a blend of confidence, teamwork, resilience, and strategic action.

Are you ready to become a stand out leader in your field of expertise?

As somebody who has done that in my own industry, and still holds the record for being the youngest most senior leader of a university in Australian history – and a university that was ranked number 1 in the country at the time of my leadership, I can help YOU become a LEGEND in your field too….

Come and join my Legends Lab and start shining as an industry leader too.

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