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💰 Do You Need a Sales Funnel? [Video]

💰 Do You Need a Sales Funnel?

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In this video, discover whether you need a sales funnel in your business.


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I used to be a magician and a mentalist. I was only doing three shows a month and was deeply in debt. Then I discovered the secrets to effective sales and marketing and my business exploded.

In less than 90-days, I went from doing three shows to averaging over 25 shows. In less than a year, I had paid off $80,000 worth of debt, bought a new car and a new home. It was an amazing turnaround.

As a result of this success, I was asked to speak at entrepreneurial conferences around the world and share my story.

Soon, smart entrepreneurs started asking me for advice on increasing their sales and profits. I say they were “smart” because my entertainment business was fundamentally the same as theirs. I had to generate leads, close sales, deliver my service, get referrals, etc.

These folks also realized that their biggest sales breakthroughs would come from outside their industries, not from copying everyone else inside their industries.

Because I wanted to make a more profound impact on people’s lives than I could from just being an entertainer, I started Dave Dee, Inc.

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