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🚨 Every business owner, copywriter and marketer NEEDS to read this book… [Video]

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🚨 Every business owner, copywriter and marketer NEEDS to read this book…

(it’s so good my dog ate it 🐶).⁠

It’s called…⁠

📚 Branding Is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid and Sell the Hell Out of Anything by Deb Gabor ⁠

I’m telling you, this book is my BIBLE on branding…⁠

One of my favorite parts of this book is when Deb says:⁠

“When you get branding right, you create irrational loyalty– a condition where people are so bonded to your brand that they would feel like they were cheating on you should they go with something else”…⁠

👀 And THAT is exactly the type of feeling you want to induce in your customers if you want to keep them coming back for more. ⁠

If you want your customers to keep choosing YOU (even when a competitor inevitably comes up with something bigger, better, and bolder)… ⁠

If you want your customers to — willingly and happily — pay 5x more for YOUR product than another product that does exactly the same thing…⁠

Then you HAVE to build irrational loyalty with them FIRST.⁠

🤔 And how do you do that?…⁠

Yep – with killer branding 🔪⁠

And I created my 5-day branding challenge (The Posse Eye 🔮) to help you do exactly that. ⁠

In the challenge, I’ll guide you through the EXACT branding framework I used to build my own brand into a multiple 7-figure business (in less than 3 years 😱).⁠

You’ll learn the 4 core storytelling and copywriting elements you NEED to…⁠

✅ Craft a potent positioning strategy.⁠

✅ Evoke your Brand Voice.⁠

✅ And create messaging that will captivate your ideal audience, charm your customers and call in raving fans — effortlessly.⁠..

For more information about the Challenge go to 👉🏻⁠

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The 5 Best Facebook Ads Retargeting Audiences To Use in 2022 (Quick Guide) [Video]

If you are looking to run Facebook ads for your business or your client’s business then WATCH this video. I put together here a super easy to follow guide for the 5 best retargeting audiences to use with facebook ads. I have leveraged these audiences to do over $30,000 in sales this year so I wanted to share my tips and tricks for you to use. Facebook ads are a complex beast and retargeting is something that everyone seems to have a different take on, I am of the camp that you should 1000% be using retargeting ads for your business!✅CONNECT WITH ME:🚀 Work with my agency:👉 Check out my other socials:✅MORE VIDEOS:-What It Takes To Win In SMMA: Multiple Streams Of Income Makes You Poor: Service Vs Multi Service SMMA: Your $10,000/Month SMMA Niche: Much Does It Really Cost To Start An SMMA: Ultimate SMMA Service Guide: First 8 Months Of SMMA: I Got My First SMMA Client: “Best” Niche:✅SMMA WEEKLY UPDATES:-Week 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7:

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301: Ryan Berman on the Importance of Courageous Ideas 01/26 by Columbia Sports Management [Video]

Joe sits down with Ryan Berman, founder of Courageous, an agency that focuses on creative and courageous marketing. He shares how he got his start in advertising and what is was like to watch the industry change around him. He explains why he left New York for San Diego to become an entrepreneur and pursue his belief in courageous ideas. Berman explains why he fired himself from the first company he started and how that led to him writing his book, Return On Courage: A Business Playbook For Change. Berman shares his tips for bringing a more creative mindset to risk-averse companies and the overall importance of being courageous. He also discusses why he started his nonprofit called Sock Problems. The CUSP Show is a production by the faculty of Sports Management at Columbia University. You can get in touch with the program on Twitter @CU_SPS_Sports. The CUSP Show is hosted by Joe Favorito (@Joefav) and Tom Richardson (@ConvergenceTR). The show is produced by Matt Hornick ‘23 (@MNHornick), and Cindy Li ‘23 (@cindyliiiii), with Rashad Hyacenth ‘23 and Marco Vonderheide ‘23 managing social media efforts. Links: Website: LinkedIn: Sock Problems: