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#1 carrd tutorial – purple themed carrd [Video]

#1 carrd tutorial – purple themed carrd

give cr to itach_i on pinterest if you rm!


carrd inspo:
i forgot the link

symbols used:

bgm cr:
itzy ~ loco music box ver.
nct 2021 ~ beautiful music box ver.
stayc ~ stereotype music box ver.

0:00 , intro
0:06 , tutorial
13:50 , results
14:01 , outro

my carrd:
working in progress
ask me a questions:

heyy! ty for clicking this video, it means a lot for me! fyi i will mostly upload about carrd tutorial! but ill post other tutorial too! and if you have a question dm me on discord a ♡# 6295 !
─ a ♡

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