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10 Ways Salesforce Dialer Software Helps Business Development – Koncert [Video]

10 Ways Salesforce Dialer Software Helps Business Development – Koncert

If your company uses Salesforce, One of the very best tools a great tool to add to in your business development arsenal will be a Salesforce outbound sales dialer that is more than just a dialing tool. dialer. By giving your sales team the ability to dial into prospects and accounts directly within Salesforce, you’ll see an incredible variety of benefits.

View 12 ways a Salesforce dialer helps your B2B sales team with their business development.

Benefits of Salesforce Dialer Software

10. Gives Salespeople More Time to Sell
Save your sales reps a great deal of time!.
Instead of having to manually pull up each prospect’s information and dial the number, your sales reps click on the number in Salesforce and are connected to prospects who are ready to talk.
This ensures that they spend their time doing what they know how to do best — selling.

9. Keeps Your Sales Leads Warm
An important aspect of dialing through your sales leads quickly and effectively is that it keeps them warm.
It takes a long time to dial manually through a lead list. This gives your leads time to cool off, forget about you, or maybe even close a deal with one of your competitors.
An efficient Salesforce dialer ensures that your leads are always kept warm and engaged with your sales team.

8. Using Local Phone Numbers
When people see a 1-800 phone number or one that’s out of state, they’re not going to rush to pick up the phone.
Salesforce dialer software will automatically show the outbound number as a local one, ensuring that the prospects are more likely to trust the call and pick up the phone.
Considering the volume of phone calls that your dialer will be able to make, even a minimal impact on the overall answer rate will lead to a noticeable increase in conversations.

7. Offers Real-Time Data
The best Salesforce dialer will give you real-time insights and reports at the click of a button.
You’ll be able to look at things like, average call time, and how many conversations are converting to meetings.
This clarity allows you to effectively manage your team and react quickly to any potential issues. Coach your team about data and call outcomes.

6. Scrubs Information Automatically
A proper Salesforce outbound sales dialer is more than a phone dialing tool. It integrates directly with your Salesforce CRM and keeps data clean.
Any outdated or disconnected numbers will be updated and scrubbed. Notes and logs of calls can be automatically linked to customer accounts so your salespeople always have the information they need at their fingertips.
You’ll even be able to track information like the best time of day to call a particular contact.

5. Drives Better Personalization
Personalized sales tactics drive a greater number of conversions, period. The best sales dialer, with its integration with the CRM, helps sales reps organize and centralize information like prospect profile and notes from prior calls that they need when speaking to a prospect.

4. Leaves Voicemails for You
A dialer platform will let you easily leave a voicemail for prospects. Make sure your message is short, intriguing, and most important, personalized to that potential customer.

3. Bypasses Gatekeepers
Some advanced Salesforce dialers, such as Koncert’s Agent-Assisted Dialing, even come with a dedicated team of human agents behind them that can automatically navigate past gatekeepers and complicated phone trees without your sales team having to pick up the phone.
The human agents make those dialers the equivalent of human power dialers. Once an actual decision-maker in the organization is reached, the dialing team will hand off the call to you automatically.
This gives your team unprecedented access to prospects without having to fight past gatekeepers—one of the least pleasant aspects of the sales process.

2. Optimizes Call Lists for You
it’s important that you make the most important phone calls first. Salesforce dialer software will be able to automatically analyze your call lists and tell you the most valuable leads that you should call first.

1. Improves Sales Reps Performance
Your sales reps will naturally perform better with Salesforce dialing platforms included with the CRM, simply because they’re getting more chances to talk to prospects.
The more opportunities they get to talk to prospects, the more comfortable they’ll be. Managers can listen in on calls, and coach reps immediately. See the stats for each sales rep and develop them. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and the right sales dialer technology makes it possible to improve sales performance across the board.

Grow your Business-to-Business sales by leveraging technology that’s made to work with Salesforce. Your sales team will thank you! Talk to Koncert today at 800-955-5040 or simply visit about the variety of Dialer technologies to find the right one for your business!

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