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12 Best Sales CRM Software Of 2024 [Video]

Marketing Platforms and CRM

91% of medium-sized businesses with 10 or more employees use CRM systems.

If you belong to the remaining 9%, we’ve got a list of 12 sales CRM tools to help you decide.

What is a CRM tool?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is essentially dedicated to analyzing customers’ interactions and other data throughout the entire sales pipeline.

Therefore, a Sales CRM tool is software designed to manage this information for you and your business.

With these tools, you can store and organize customer data, track sales activities, and streamline communication with leads and clients.

By analyzing the stored data, most CRM tools can also give you insight into your sales forecast.

Investing and implementing a sales CRM tool in your business guarantees many benefits, including:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Better customer relationships
  • More accurate sales forecasting
  • Scalability

What features should a CRM have?

When you’re looking for a good CRM there are certain features that must be included, if …

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