Knitting Isn’t Always the Answer

The journey that led us to developing a ground breaking video technology is paved with failure. In fact, our first steps had nothing to do with video technology.

In 2007 our company’s prime source of revenue was a Document Imaging technology used in Internet transactions.

Faced with the certainty that paperless transactions would quickly erode our core business, we began the development of a secure email technology. We were following the tried and true axiom that businesses should “stick to the knitting” and focus on core competencies. After all, we were a “document” company and therefore we should focus on new ways to help our customers handle documents.

We successfully developed a new and very powerful secure email system when we were faced with a difficult question, “How to charge for emails, when prospective customers are accustomed to emails being free?”

We toyed with placing ads inside emails and decided our customers would not be happy with our service tampering with their documents. So, we began to investigate the feasibility of placing ads in the toolbar of various email software applications.

We started by looking at text ads, but soon moved onto video. As we explored video ads more closely, we realized that playing videos in a toolbar opened a world of possibilities.

We realized that you could place multiple videos in the long rectangular space of a toolbar – if only there were a video player that could simultaneously play multiple videos.

In time, our explorations have led us to develop MondoPlayer and to challenge many of the basic assumptions of how video should be handled and displayed.

Our successful development of a radical new video technology would not have been possible if our attempt to transition from document imaging to secure email had not failed.

Photo Credit: Lisa Risager

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