Failure to Launch

A funny thing happened on the way to our product launch this week. Release 2.1 of MondoPlayer was supposed to be the first version of our Windows application that would install easily and start running straight away.

We tested the software thoroughly on a variety of machines and everything looked great.

The last step was to load our Chrome Extension on the Google Web Store so users could install our software with the confidence of knowing that MondoPlayer was approved.

Just one step remained – log onto Google and register the Extension.

Sadly, we picked the week Google decided to stop supporting a key part of the messaging infrastructure used by our software to communicate between the browser and MondoPlayer. We had been using a well established protocol called NPAPI and this was the week Google decided to block all new Extension using NPAPI.

After years of development and testing Google’s Web Store interface dispassionately responded “Rejected” – no explanation, no reason given.

So we’re now engaged in a frantic rush to change key parts of the system. We hope to be ready in 2 weeks.

When we started this blog we decided to share the good and the bad. We had not expected the “bad” so soon.

Photo Credit:  Andrés Aguiluz Rios

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