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25 Tools Every Marketer Needs | Free + Paid Digital Marketing Tools [Video]

25 Tools Every Marketer Needs | Free + Paid Digital Marketing Tools

The right digital marketing tools can take your strategy to the next level. Our team uses tools every day, so we thought we’d put some of our favorites into a list! Jess covers 25 platforms that can help you grow your business in this video.

✅ Fact: Having a set of reliable tools can help you craft more effective, streamlined marketing campaigns.

If you’ve ever wished you could make a process easier or wanted access to more data, there’s likely a tool that can help you solve your problems.

This list covers 5 different types of digital marketing tools:
🔵 Content research tools
🔵 Content creation and design tools
🔵 Marketing automation tools
🔵 PR tools
🔵 Analytics tools

✨ Content research tools help you understand what topics or keywords will perform best for your audience.
✨ Content creation and design tools make it easier for you to create visual assets and put together more polished content for your audience.
✨ Marketing automation tools use technology to streamline different parts of your strategy.
✨ PR tools help you manage your brand online.
✨ Analytics tools give you insight into how well your marketing efforts are working.

This is certainly not a complete list of tools. If you have a favorite tool that we didn’t mention, tell us what it is in the comments!

Your chosen tools don’t need to be expensive. While paid tools typically offer more features, plenty of free digital marketing tools can enhance your strategy. This list includes a mix of free and paid options you can try.

⏰ Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // Introduction to the tools
00:00:54 // Content research tools
00:02:07 // Content creation and design tools
00:04:11 // Marketing automation tools
00:05:17 // PR tools
00:06:01 // Analytics tools

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Disclaimer: This video is meant to educate viewers on popular digital marketing tools. It is not an endorsement of the companies mentioned in the video.

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