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3 Profitable Course Ideas For Businesses in 2022 [Video]

3 Profitable Course Ideas For Businesses in 2022

$325 billion.

That’s how much the e-learning industry will be worth by 2025. And in this video, I’m going to share some course ideas to help increase your profits in 2022!

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Hi, I’m Tameka Allen!

I am an Online Course Consultant based in Houston, Texas. On this channel, I’ll be sharing how companies and subject matter experts can increase their profits with online courses.

The e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion by the year 2025. That’s double the $165.36 billion it was worth in 2014.

Those stats equal a HUGE opportunity for your business! And I’m on a mission to help you tap into it.

I help my clients obtain a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry in three ways:

💡 I help companies transform their outdated professional development training into a modern e-learning system that retains top talent.

💡 I partner with companies so they reduce churn by helping their customers achieve desired outcomes while using their products and services.

💡 I help subject matter experts increase their revenue without doubling their workload.

And all of this is accomplished by creating online courses.

In my corporate career, I trained thousands of employees from the C-Suite to staff which enabled them to effectively use technology in their positions. However, it was while working in SaaS, managing millions of dollars in revenue, that I learned the importance of training and how it significantly impacts customer churn and revenue growth.

Now, I serve my clients with the expertise that allowed me to contribute to the success of companies on the Forbes 50, 500, and Inc. 5000 lists.

As the Founder of Allen Digital Group, I lead a creative team to merge the world of business and e-learning to increase your company’s profits. We achieve this by infusing together instructional design, web development, and digital marketing to create profitable online courses.

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Sales Funnel Software and Tools

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