Nobody likes to talk about it, but a lot of people struggle with a spending problem. Excess spending can happen almost on accident: a few purchases here, a late-night online shopping session there, and all of a sudden your bank account is a source of anxiety. These spending habits can put us further and further away from our financial goals.  

Use these three steps to curtail your money spending before it gets you into too much trouble!

You might have a spending problem if:

  • You feel guilty when you spend money – even if it’s on legitimate purchases.
  • You might joke about having a shopping addiction—but it might not be a joke after all.
  • You find it difficult to save money. 
  • You lie to your spouse about how much you’ve spent and find yourself hiding purchases.
  • You have increasing amounts of credit card debt and/or overdraw your checking account.
  • You don’t know how much money you’ve spent on clothes, food, entertainment, etc.

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