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5 components of a successful portfolio website [Video]

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5 components of a successful portfolio website

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Whether you’re a designer, developer or a manager of a creative agency, you absolutely need a portfolio website. In this day and age, your work doesn’t exist if it doesn’t exist on Google.

Having a professional portfolio website is an important part of attracting clientele and establishing yourself in the market. In this video, we’re discussing just what you need to create an amazing portfolio website. Following the tried and tested tips we’ve included, like making your portfolio client-centered and picking a niche to focus on, will make sure your work gets the recognition it deserves.

And don’t forget to choose your best work and add a unique touch to your porfolio!

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📒 Show notes 📒

0:00 Intro
0:29 What is a portfolio website
1:07 Creating a client-centered portfolio
1:32 Keeping the structure simple
3:16 Adding your personality to the design
3:48 Picking your niche
4:26 Providing testimonials

The mission of our channel is to help agencies develop and expand by offering the best tips and most useful tools of the WordPress world. 👌 This time we’re here to rock your portfolio website, making it super attractive for potential clients. 😊

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