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5 Free NextDoor Advertising Tips for Local Businesses [Video]

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5 FREE ways local businesses can leverage NextDoor (plus 1 bonus)! NextDoor advertising expert, Jennifer Sargeant, shares with local businesses how they can use NextDoor for free. 00:00 Introduction to 5 Free NextDoor Advertising Tips 00:37 What to expect in this video 00:24 Why you should claim your free NextDoor business profile 01:15 Why you should post on NextDoor as your business 02:03 How to use hashtags on NextDoor for your business 02:51 Why you should get recommendations for your business on NextDoor 03:56 How to leverage your personal NextDoor profile for your business 04:46 Consider starting a local group on NextDoor (hardwood floors example) Want me to handle your NextDoor advertising? Book a call with me: NextDoor advertising announcement video: NextDoor advertising options quickly explained: How To Set Up Nextdoor Business Page For Local Business (2022): Hi, Jennifer Sargeant here, local business digital marketing expert. …