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6 Tips For Building Your Marketing Career | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™ [Video]

6 Tips For Building Your Marketing Career | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™

1. Improve your #communication
Whether it’s social monitoring tools, voice search, or multi-channel #marketing automation, technology regularly changes the way we reach our audiences.
Whether you’re a fresh graduate or you’re making a career transition, you can develop #communication skills on your own time.
2. Specialize and socialize
Thanks to significant job growth, opportunities in #marketing are expanding. But so is the competition.
Creating content and flaunting your curation skills can go a long way toward establishing yourself as a digital #marketing guru. Create content for other people.
Specifically, create blog posts for major publications. It’s a great way to associate yourself with industry authorities and get your name out there.
3. Grow your portfolio
Your skills can’t grow without the opportunity to sharpen them.
But you won’t get many opportunities until you demonstrate that you already have some of the skills that you need to improve.
Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to break the cycle and make you look pretty impressive, too.
You can volunteer. Specifically, volunteer with a nonprofit.
This will help expand your network and gain professional portfolio pieces.
4. Jumpstart your network
In some industries, it’s more about who you know than what you do. But in digital #marketing, it’s about both.
And if you’re an inexperienced marketer, that can create a significant obstacle to launching your career.
5. Go big with data
Statistics and analytics help marketers understand their audiences in a quantifiable way.
But that’s not all they can do.
Data-driven #marketing techniques also help professionals make better decisions and acquire new customers.
With data becoming critical for marketers and business leaders across the board, there’s never been a better time to learn how to analyze data.
6. Build your branding
Finally, if you want to step outside of your competition’s shadow, you have to build your branding and build it well.
That means that, besides developing your writing skills, you need to establish a distinct visual identity.
If you think branding is difficult, then think again. You can start your branding by creating a logo in about five minutes.
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