About MediaVidi

Since 2007 we have run a media lab with a dedicated team of developers. Our focus has been the development of a radically new technology called MondoPlayer.

Although video is dominating the internet, content marketers struggle with producing enough of their own video to meet demand.

The obvious solution is to share video from other sources.  So we decided to explore this opportunity.

The Challenge

We discovered that finding good sources of videos was difficult and time consuming.

  • YouTube didn’t offer enough relevant videos on a given topic.
  • Two thirds of videos aren’t on YouTube but are embedded on sites all over the web

We needed to develop a tool that made it quick and easy to find, preview and post videos from a multitude of sources. We wanted it to be fun and convenient.

Our vision was that a marketer could find great videos, preview them, create posts and schedule them to their favorite social media tools while working on the go.

Our goal was to make it possible to do a week of highly engaging video posts while having a cup of coffee.

The Solution

In 2016, our vision was realized with the launch of MondoPlayer Pro.

MondoPlayer Pro is a fully featured App for iOS and Android that offers videos from more sources than any other service.

MondoPlayer Pro helps content marketers discover, preview and share videos in their content marketing and on social media.

Our Journey

In the process of developing MondoPlayer Pro we found ourselves at the leading edge of video technology and digital media.

Our advances have resulted in several patents and a completely new approach to video discovery and sharing.

MediaVidi Blog

The goal of this blog is to share insights regarding digital media and technology. And to share our experience as we launch and market MondoPlayer Pro.

The blog is divided into two major categories called “Viewpoint” and “Diary”.

  • Viewpoint –  features posts about Digital Media and technology
  • Diary – tells the story of MondoPlayer’s launch and our marketing experiments.

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy sharing.

Cristian and Sandra