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Accenture Song release the new recruitment ad The Flood for The British Army Marketing Communication News [Video]

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Accenture Song has released the second installment of “Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do” showing that no matter how technologically advanced the Army becomes, soldiers will always be their most valuable asset.  The new advert entitled ‘The Flood’ will break with a 40-second film on 2 January 2023 across television, cinema, Video on Demand and Social.

‘The Flood’ is a powerful portrayal of the instincts and empathy of British soldiers. Following an Army team armed with technology to assist in a UK flood, it is a solider and their human intuition that makes all the difference. ‘The Flood’ spotlights the Army’s role in homeland resilience and the increasing importance of the Army Reserves (the part-time, paid volunteer reserve force).

Directed by MJZ’s Nicolai Fuglsig, the film hones in on soldiers performing an emergency rescue during the chaos of a flash flood. Dynamically shot and brought to life with the help …

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