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Ad Campaign Goals Call for Specialized Metrics: A+E Networks Roseann Montenes Beet.TV [Video]

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ORLANDO – Advertisers often have a variety of goals for different kinds of campaigns, each of which have their own metrics to evaluate performance. Top-of-funnel campaigns generally seek brand awareness and consideration, while campaigns aimed at the lower part of the purchase funnel may measure foot traffic into or sales conversions.

“The expectations change with every single phone call that we get,” Roseann Montenes, head of strategic audience solutions and partnerships at A+E Networks, said about advertisers in this interview at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. “That’s up to us to be able to be held accountable to go back to them with the right partner that’s able to measure what they’re looking to get out of their campaign.”

For mid-funnel goals such as search engagement, A+E is likely to recommend EDO Inc. as a measurement partner. A+E evaluates a variety of media currencies that help to set the value …