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Let’s start this talk about advertising agency video marketing as a core sales tool for business development in two ways. Then I will point you to a super-smart ad agency video series. The videos I’ll show are aimed directly at a client’s needs (strategic needs). These videos are well-produced, and sell the agency leader. A good thing. People buy people. The videos also leverage the power of LinkedIn.

OK, Some Bad and Good Advertising Agency Video Marketing

  1. The bad: I am continually amazed at how few advertising agencies use agency-oriented video to help them market their agency. If they do, it is usually a sizzle real. A ganged-up sizzle real that might do more for the creative department’s ego than a tool to sell a future client.
  2. The good:Every once in a while I see an agency getting video promotion right. In my mind, this means using video to introduce the agency and its story (quickly), super-smart thinking, a demonstration of agency …