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Agnosticism Can Smooth TVs Programmatic Path: Publicas Miller Beet.TV [Video]

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LONDON, UK — If TV is going to adopt “programmatic” software for selling ad inventory, it’s going to take time, education and provable results.

Steph Miller knows the playbook from stints at previous programmatic tech vendors.

Now Miller, the new Commercial Director, EMEA, for connected TV (CTV) ad server provider Publica, says she is ready to help TV execs in the region better understand the potential.

“We’ve got a really good opportunity to learn from the mistakes that were made over the years in (programmatic) digital advertising and try and not make those again in CTV,” Miller told me during Beet.TV’s London summit in December.

But Miller said many TV executives are still debating the definition of “programmatic”, which is a series of software practices that can automate or otherwise provide digital-style capabilities for ad trading.

“There’s a lot of acronyms, there’s a lot of abbreviations used within CTV (connected …