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AI going to upend marketing and SEO with this news [Video]

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So Microsoft has announced that it will be adding chatgpt to its search engine in in the next couple of months, as early as March. That has HUGE implications to marketing and businesses. Imagine that capability on a search engine! Instead of going to webpages, you get your answer as sentences just like what you get with chatgpt. Then if it's anything like ChatGPT, you can refine your question even more. And we know Google will copy this function in some form. Like what you see on Google's Question and Answer featured snippet but tailored to your question specifically. Think of the implications of this and here is just a few 1. How we search and expectation on answers No more scrolling for links Get answers in sentence form and can refine based on the conversation 2. How will websites be found if searchers go from 50% zero click to …