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Alexandria Police Department Encourages Possible Recruits to Join Police Academy KLAX-TV [Video]

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The Alexandria Police Department is working hard to hire recruits for their police academy in January.

Lieutenant Lane Windham tells us how people can sign up to be a police officer.

“In order to work for the Alexandria Police Department, the first thing we would like for you to do is come and take a physical fitness test. It’s just an assessment to see about where you’re at. In fact, we’re doing one this Saturday at ASH, November 12th. You’ll just come out, you’ll run, do some push-ups, sit-ups, and get an idea of where you’re at physically.”

The Alexandria Police Department has 17 possible recruits in the qualifying process.

Lieutenant Lane Windham says, “We really, really wanting people to come in now and join this new class, it’s a great time to work for ADP. In the next few years, we’ll have several people retiring. It’s a good time …