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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

Asian QSR Ads : Sizzling Shrimp [Video]

Social Media Marketing

Panda Express, a fast-casual restaurant brand, is introducing its limited-time dish, Sizzling Shrimp, with a unique national campaign developed by The Many. The campaign features a rock-power ballad-driven TV spot and a social activation tied to the college basketball tournament in March.

Capitalizing on the excitement of the tournament, Panda Express presents the “Sizzling Streaks” promotion. Whenever a team scores a 10-0 run during a game, fans following Panda Express’s social media will be offered a free Sizzling Shrimp with their order. The Many collaborated with a sports statistician and set up a game-watch API alert to enhance the promotion. Basketball social influencers and NCAA athletes are also partnering with the brand to promote “Sizzling Streaks.”

Fabiola del Rio, VP of Integrated Marketing Communications at Panda Express, highlights the synergy between the Sizzling Shrimp launch and the college basketball tournament. The TV spot showcases The Darkness’s hit “I Believe In …

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