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Audio Has Caught-Up To Video: Audacys Benedik Beet.TV

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For a few years, audio advertising sat on traditional radio’s sidelines, while video surged ahead in capabilities and spending.

But that has changed, thanks to recent developments in technology and consumer behavior.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Benedik, Chief Revenue Officer, Audacy, draws the trendlines.

“Audio’s caught up to video,” Benedik says. “We didn’t have programmatic channels, we didn’t have very good targeting of audience or attribution on the back end. That’s all over the place now, so that’s what excites a lot of the folks here.”

Benedik is a former sales SVP at Spotify, which he credits with working together with demand-side platforms to build out the kinds of digital audio programmatic ad infrastructure that has now spread beyond Spotify alone.

“We basically built the piping for programmatic audio to launch,” Benedik says. “And that has really evolved… programmatic audio is a big channel. You have open …