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Automatic vs. Automated with Marketing & Sales Automation [Video]

Automatic vs. Automated with Marketing & Sales Automation

Are you leveraging marketing automation or sales automation for your company? Have you ever stopped to think of automatic vs. automated when building your nurture and process workflows?

Well, that’s exactly what Remington Begg and I talk about during today’s interview. Automatic vs. Automated and know what direction to go.

In this sales & marketing automation interview, we talk about:
0:11 Getting started with automatic vs. automated
0:50 Who is Remington Begg
1:34 Automatic sales & marketing actions
3:10 Where did automatic vs. automated come from
6:33 Automated sales & marketing actions
8:30 Real-world example – HubSpot functionality & mindset
9:48 Automatic & Automated the importance of both in 2022
11:00 Automated emails in HubSpot
11:57 How do you know when it should be automatic vs. automated or not
15:12 Time-based automation vs. action-based

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We also cover operations topics and Remington Begg gives us some words of wisdom:
15:30 Amazon automation example
17:17 Historical automation problems to watch out for
21:03 Hubspot Operations Hub & automatic & automated
23:30 Getting started with automation or automatic
27:21 Making mistakes in automatic workflows
28:47 Final automatic vs. automated words of wisdom
32:00 Final thoughts on sales & marketing automation

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