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B2Believe 2022: Recap [Video]

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B2Believe 2022: Recap

Even in times of uncertainty, our collective energy as B2B marketers is our most important resource. ⭐

And now, more than ever, B2B marketers should take note:

“B2B brands everywhere are harnessing the power of making the right promise to the right customer: The power of creativity. The power of distinctiveness. And the power of building memory.”

—Jim Habig, Vice President, Marketing, LinkedIn

Hear more from Jim; Greg Willis, VP of Sales, LinkedIn; Melissa Selcher, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, LinkedIn; Michael Park, Chief Marketing Officer, ServiceNow and Gyanda Sachdeva, Vice President, Product Management, LinkedIn in this #B2Believe recap.

Learn more about B2Believe, our inaugural B2B marketing event, at: