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B&B studio creates the branding for HUMANS BEING a sustainable and style-conscious athleisure brand by Rita Ora. Marketing Communication News [Video]

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B&B studio has created the brand positioning, strategic direction, brand name, brand design and packaging for Humans Being, a new athleisure brand founded by Rita Ora. Humans Being champions sustainable materials across all its products, while delivering high-level technical performance and superstar style credentials.

Humans Thinking, Humans Doing, Humans BeingInspired by the brand’s purposeful commitment to people and planet, B&B was keen to create a name and identity that conveyed a sense of community, team spirit and proactivity. Humans Being was the perfect solution: with the simple switch of a single letter, human beings is transformed from a descriptive noun into an active sentence, implying an egalitarian community of doers – whether that’s being active in sports or being activist around sustainability.

The brand identity brings the name to life through a simple and accessible typographic logo featuring bold upper case letterforms with a subtle nod to dynamism and movement within the M and the G. The logotype …