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Be You Campaign aims to raise awareness of how technology can help people with Dyslexia and other learning differences Ethical Marketing News [Video]

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Microsoft has developed a campaign to raise awareness of how technology supports the daily, lived experience of people with dyslexia, lower levels of functional literacy and other learning differences.

“Be You” will be available from Dyslexia Week, which runs from 3 October, and seeks to empower people with Dyslexia and dispel popular misconceptions and stigmas associated with the world’s most common learning disability.

The campaign will highlight how a range of Microsoft digital tools can make everyday life more accessible for people with Dyslexia, whether attending a university lecture, writing a best man speech or simply reading a large amount of text online. This campaign aims to reach people traditionally missing out on access to assistive technology, those that are potentially not accessing advice through education or workplace initiatives.

This follows on from a series of successful kids bootcamps run by Microsoft – Think Differently About Dyslexia. The campaign has been designed by dyslexics for people …