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Berkeley Helps Arbella Tackle Rookie Insurance Problems Marketing Communication News [Video]

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When Arbella Insurance wanted to tackle the rookie home ownership insurance market, they called on two local talents to help tell the story, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones and Joe Berkeley LLC.  

The results are two :30 commercials that address being a rookie homeowner and insuring that first home, as both can be “full of surprises.”

01_movers_30_QARB0032000H from joeberkeley on Vimeo.

04_remotes_30_QARB0062000H from joeberkeley on Vimeo.

Berkeley explains, “The insurance advertising landscape is cluttered with a lot of messages, and it can be difficult to stand out. We weave in a message of trusting your local company who partners with the best agents to get you the right insurance at the right price. Arbella will reach consumers with this message across multiple media channels, including TV, billboard, social and digital.”

In the “Movers” spot, Mac finds that all his belongings are not in his new home, but is reassured that his correct contents …