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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Better Color Grading with these Pro Tips! [Video]

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Better Color Grading with these Pro Tips!

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A lot of people hate on Premiere Pro’s color grading tools, but when you know how to properly stack effects, it actually works quite well! And while there is certainly room for improvement, for now, I hope this video helps you elevate your color grades, and paint your video! You’ll wallk away knowing how to use multiple Lumetri Color Effects, Masking, Curves, Scopes, some plugins, and HSL secondary.

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You can also try Frame Set to find color inspiration from popular films, music videos and more:
0:00 Intro
0:46 Creating a base correction
5:00 Skin Smoothing and Color Evening
6:50 Skin Tone Line with Vectorscope
8:00 Selective Color Hue vs Sat
9:39 Dell Ultrasharp Monitor
11:54 Eyes with HSL Secondary
14:45 Lips with HSL Secondary
16:06 Additional Skin Touch Ups with Curves
16:15 Background Vignetting with Masking
17:25 Color Grading Master Finishes
18:10 Orange and Teal
19:25 Final results and explanations
gal toolkit for Pr and Ae ➜
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Script by Premiere Gal
Research by Tony Z.
Edit by Rikard Tholen
Thumbnail Concept by Premiere Gal
Thumbnail Design by Rikard Tholen

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