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Bigin: How it Works | Zoho CRM [Video]

Bigin: How it Works | Zoho CRM

This is a content partnership between Zoho and Keep Productive. Bigin by Zoho CRM is a new custom-operations CRM focused perfectly for small businesses. We’ll explore how it works, and how to manage pipelines & special features. Get Bigin by Zoho:

Ditch the spreadsheets and notepads, try need Bigin, a simple CRM software platform designed for startups and small businesses. We know itโ€™s hard to acquire leads, send timely follow-ups, and ultimately win customers. By unifying all customer information in one place, Bigin helps business owners spend more time on things that matter the most and less time on manual work.To get 50% off on Bigin by Zoho CRM by clicking this link

00:00 – What is Bigin by Zoho CRM?
01:34 – Deals inside CRM
02:45 – Managing Components
04:44 – Customer Insights & Notes
05:30 – Workflows
06:12 – Stage Transitions & Rules
07:34 – Telephony & Settings
08:12 – Summary

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