Bonus Episode: Marketing Efficiency Ratio is a Better Metric than ROAS with Nigel Thomas [Video]

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Bonus Episode: Marketing Efficiency Ratio is a Better Metric than ROAS with Nigel Thomas

Having previously built a 7-figure agency and consulted many 7 and 8-figure DTC brands on their marketing strategy, Nigel knows what it takes to implement complex paid social campaigns at scale.

He is the CEO of Alpha Inbound, a growth marketing agency that helps Shopify brands find higher quality traffic on Meta & TikTok for less by creating, testing and scaling highly engaging UGC content.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:00] Intro
[01:20] How Nigel started with Alpha Inbound
[02:38] What makes Alpha Inbound different
[04:00] The partners that Alpha Inbound works with
[05:40] Alpha Inbound’s “secret sauce”
[08:06] MER gives a wider perspective
[09:25] MER makes the attribution problem simpler
[10:40] Marketing isn’t just direct response advertising
[11:08] Branding vs direct response advertising
[12:08] SMBs want to be brands but they don’t know how
[12:33] Questions to ask before investing into paid ads
[14:39] An agency that is great asks more questions
[15:15] Are the “agency horror stories” their own fault?
[16:40] VC-backed companies are pressured
[17:02] Why Chase doesn’t to work with funded brands
[17:29] Brands, trust the agencies’ processes
[17:54] Economics, resources, expectations
[19:08] How to grow from a million
[19:52] What should your LTV and margins be
[20:22] How Alpha Inbound puts together content
[21:22] Volume to test, systems to make volume
[21:59] Looking at ROAS and day 1 attribution
[23:22] Budgets doesn’t instantly mean success
[24:48] The platform always wins
[25:02] Percentage of gross revenue to invest in growth
[26:14] You really have to pay to play
[26:37] What if you can’t spend $10k on ads?
[27:40] Where to find Nigel

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