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Bruce Clay Inc. – Content Development Strategy [Video]

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Bruce Clay Inc. – Content Development Strategy

What does your content say about you? If you think it could be better, that’s where we come in…

When it comes to your website, content is what makes it useful to people. And when it comes to search engines, your content is also what either helps or hinders your rankings.

Quality content establishes your company as a leader and a go-to resource. It helps build your brand and is what will ultimately separate you from your competition. But the best article in the world does little good if no one can find it. That’s why it’s critical to have content developed properly, with an eye to quality as well as SEO.

We like to say that your website is the weapon you take into battle. So how sharp is your weapon?

What we find is that the biggest need websites have is often new or better content.

That’s why we at Bruce Clay offer Content Development services, often as a supplemental service for our SEO clients but also available as a standalone project. Our team of content professionals can help you with all of your website copywriting needs.
We develop a content plan integrated with your SEO goals, and then our expert team of in-house writers:
Updates older pages to refresh them
Rewrites and/or consolidate existing pages that need improvement
Create new pages to meet new business needs or keyword target goals

We also offer some valuable resources to writers out there looking to improve their quality. We have available SEO tools to improve your copywriting as well as an SEO copywriting tutorial which lays out the best practices of content writing.

Our content development services can help build your website into a competitive weapon that helps you win rankings, traffic, and satisfied visitors. So be sure to give us a call or reach out to us at if you’re ready to start making your content stand out.

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