5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Bud Light Loses Crown; Miracapo Fined; Penny Boss Owes Back Wages | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 124 [Video]


Bud Light Loses Crown; Miracapo Fined; Penny Boss Owes Back Wages | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 124


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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

– (6:21) Ford Built a 200-mph ‘Rolling’ Wind Tunnel: https://www.ien.com/video/video/22864794/ford-built-a-200mph-rolling-wind-tunnel
– (16:04) Oily Rags Sink Million-Dollar Yacht: https://www.ien.com/video/video/22865382/oily-rags-sink-milliondollar-yacht
– (26:34) Boss Who Paid Worker in Pennies Now Owes $40K: https://www.ien.com/video/video/22865238/boss-who-paid-worker-in-pennies-now-owes-40k
– (38:22) Pizza Maker Nets $2.8M in Penalties after Preventable Death: https://www.ien.com/video/video/22864980/pizza-maker-nets-28m-in-penalties-after-preventable-death
– (48:28) Bud Light Loses Sales Crown to Modelo Amid Beer Backlash: https://www.ien.com/food-beverage/news/22864826/bud-light-loses-sales-crown-to-modelo-amid-beer-backlash

In Case You Missed It

– (1:01:59) Element14, Hackster Launch Design Challenge to Improve Little Free Libraries: https://www.ien.com/product-development/news/22865243/element14-hackster-launch-design-challenge-to-improve-little-free-libraries
– (1:08:45) Ghosn Files $1B Lawsuit against Nissan Over Imprisonment: https://www.manufacturing.net/laws-regulations/news/22865222/ghosn-files-1b-lawsuit-against-nissan-over-his-imprisonment
– (1:13:32) Small Sensor Smells Out Epileptic Seizures: https://www.medicaldesigndevelopment.com/home/news/22865394/small-sensor-smells-incipient-seizures

(1:22:34) Trivia

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