How A Travel Brand Survived the Pandemic with Brendan Kennedy [Video]

Prior to the NxTSTOP Brendan spent his career working in enterprise technology with Accenture and then VMware. In 2015 he founded his first startup Fathomd to bring interactive business games into MBA coursework. In 2020 Brendan launched NxTSTOP to outfit world explorers with functional sustainable travel apparel and scaled it to a multimillion dollar business in just one year. He is a graduate of Stanford and received his MBA from MIT Sloan. In This Conversation We Discuss: [00:00] Intro [01:17] Travleisure® and the IPs of NxTSTOP [01:45] What is NxTSTOP [02:07] Coming up with the idea of NxTSTOP [03:26] What made NxTSTOP explode [05:20] Pivoting to face masks saved the business [06:57] Dealing with non ideal customers [08:52] Acquiring “new” customers [11:52] Customer feedback is valuable [13:36] Sponsor: Electric Eye [13:56] Sponsor: Mesa [14:39] Sponsor: Gorgias [16:06] Sponsor: BeProfit [17:37] Sponsor: Klaviyo [18:24] Being on Shopify vs being on Amazon [22:04] Did Amazon produce economies of scale? [23:15] Other channels that NxTSTOP uses [24:38] The importance of domain authority [25:38] NxTSTOP’s SEO play [26:40] SEO for D2C Brands [27:46] SEO has great ROI [28:06] Brendan warns against agencies [29:48] Chase’s perspective on Brendan’s statement [30:09] Brendan clarifies to be careful of big agencies [30:57] Chase’s restaurant analogy [31:12] Build a “dream team” [32:44] Dealing with the iOS 14 update [35:22] How Chase analyzes brands for Electric Eye [36:25] Brendan tries out Chase’s technique [37:00] Triple Whale and other first party pixels [38:33] Where to find NxTSTOP Resources: Subscribe to Honest Ecommerce on Youtube Functional, eco-friendly, stylish travel clothing and accessories Connect with Brendan The central source of truth for your eCommerce store Honest Ecommerce Bonus Episode with Triple Whale Email Chase [email protected] and ask for the Triple Whale discount code Scale your business with Download Mesa at the Shopify App Store Level up your customer support Respond to any of Rewind’s welcome emails and mention HONEST ECOMMERCE to get 1 month free Get started with a free account at If you’re enjoying the show, we’d love it if you left Honest Ecommerce a review on Apple Podcasts. It makes a huge impact on the success of the podcast, and we love reading every one of your reviews! Review Link: Honest Ecommerce is a weekly podcast, community & educational resource providing online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business. Visit for more information. If you like our videos, consider subscribing & joining our FREE Facebook group Or get all our content sent directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter: