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Chicago has a new marketing campaign, telling visitors When You Go You Know [Video]

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Looking to draw back visitors after the pandemic sent Chicago’s tourism industry plummeting, the city’s official tourism arm is rolling out a new marketing campaign.

Later this month, the “When You Go You Know” campaign will hit social media and advertising displays across the region and country. It’s intended not only to draw visitors to the city, but to encourage them to make more than a day trip out of their visit, driving hotel stays, said Lynn Osmond, president and CEO of Choose Chicago.

In one example of the type of advertising the campaign will include, block letters on an animated billboard spell out the question, “is it really just a 20-minute water taxi ride to China?” The next frame includes an image of Chicago’s Chinatown behind the word “Chicago” and the campaign catchphrase: “when you go you know.”

The marketing campaign comes as Chicago officials touted a significant rise in tourism in …