Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

Church Landing Page Examples [Video]

Church Landing Page Examples

Looking for examples of effective church landing pages? Look no further! In this video, we take a look at 3 different landing page examples and analyze what makes them successful.

Grow your church and make heaven crowded! 🚀🤗
Chris Abbott – Co-owner of Church Marketing University

Want to reach more people but starting small or struggling financially? We’re honored to partner with DigiGiv to help churches join Church Marketing University.

Video Breakdown:

0:00 – Introduction
2:14 – Back to school bash landing page
13:36 – Church on a mission landing page
16:20 – GUTS landing page

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Grow Program

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Church Marketing University Scholarship Program

⛪️ Many churches now have a “Plan Your Visit” button on their website. But growing churches move beyond a button to a full Plan Your VIsit System that works.

Chris Abbott pioneered the Plan Your Visit System for churches back in 2017. On Wednesday at 1pm he joins us LIVE to talk through the system and how growing churches use it to reach people each week.

This webinar is perfect for churches that…
🚩 Have a broken website that doesn’t help them get new visitors each week.
🚩 Have a plan your visit option on their website but no one uses it.
🚩 Have families that plan their visit, but they don’t show up.

About Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott’s extensive years of experience as a pastor, marketer, and church leader have given him unique and practical insight on how to use social media to attract new visitors. He has been a part of 4 local church plants and coached thousands of pastors through his online coaching programs. He now runs the Church Growth Agency and helps pastors around the country grow their church through Facebook Ads, online marketing and digital ministry.


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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale


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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

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