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Client Spotlight: Nature Box – Lemonlight [Video]

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Part of the recipe for a great marketing campaign is understanding who your product or service is helping. Are you solving a problem for working women? Teens who play sports? Elderly people with mobility challenges? Chances are, your brand was designed with a specific use case (or many use cases) in mind, and you should know exactly what those are and who they are helping.

Then, your marketing assets, including video content, should be aimed directly at those people. This video for our client, Nature Box, is a perfect example. They know that their product, a subscription-based program for office snacks, falls under the job of an office manager. While other people might be interested in the brand, it’s office managers who really experience the full benefit of the brand’s offering.

With that in mind, this video was created just for that specific audience. It walks office managers through the …