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ClosersCopy Update – Buyers Beware – Terrible Support – My Horrible Experience [Video]

ClosersCopy Update – Buyers Beware – Terrible Support – My Horrible Experience

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend ClosersCopy to you after my all-time worst customer service experience I have ever had. What a shame because I actually like the software. With many other great tools out there, you don’t have to put up with being treated like $%#@. Of course, you can do what you wish, I am just sharing my experience with you.

Below are two great tools with top-notch support.

My Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) Review

My WordHero Videos here (LTD still available on Appsumo)
WordHero Review

WordHero – Writing a 4000 Word Post with AI – My Process

WordHero Listicle Blog Post Deep Dive – 1k Words Organized & Clean in 10 Minutes!

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Reduce Admin Work with Quabbly [Video]

Quabbly is a no-code tool that lets teams and businesses build dynamic workflows and organize data across other apps. Learn more at:'ve been trying to make your business work with more spreadsheets, more tools, and more headaches. ("At this point, Advil is part of our tech stack.")Yet with all that time spent going back and forth between platforms, you’re still not any closer to your productivity goals.Looking to establish efficient workflows for your unique business processes without having to load up your computer or hire a software engineer?Quabbly is the perfect fit.

Website Builders and Tools

best hosting GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Build A Professional Website [Video]

best hosting GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Build A Professional Website | make mony on LinkedinBuilding a website shouldn't be hard. This tutorial will show you all of the tools you need to build your first website with GoDaddy's website builder. This is a step by step tutorial for beginners to show you everything you need to know to make your professional website, with no coding or extra hidden steps.#Linkedin #GoDaddy #WebsiteBut where do you even start? Well, the most important thing to figure out is what key metric you are using to measure your definition of “successful” content. However, with so many different platforms and types of content, it can be overwhelming to know what you’re even trying to test. So, here are five simple ways you can test the effectiveness of your content. Time of Day/Frequency it’s impossible to agree on a single standard “best time to post on social media.” Each platform will be different—but if you’re looking to boost reach, it really depends on your own data on your own followers. Topics When testing content topics, you’re figuring out what is most interesting to your audience. You can even ask them directly, which would increase your engagement by default. Keywords Creating content around popular topics seems like a no-brainer, but being able to optimize it to get found in search is the real challenge. Captions The internet is full of content, which means both your images and your captions need to be great to grab a user’s attention while they’re scrolling through their feed. Call to action Lastly, your call to action (CTA) is where you ask readers directly to do something (click this link, sign up for my newsletter, etc), but getting this right can be tricky. Of course, there are so many factors that go into whether someone sees or comments on a post, but social media algorithms are constantly changing and so should you. Make it a habit to switch up your social media strategy regularly, and you’ll find your content strategy becomes more focused and your decisions more informed. The Journey is what everyday entrepreneurs, like you, need to follow in the pursuit of online success. Our experienced GoDaddy Guides are here to take you through all the steps, both big and small, that you encounter every day.