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Concept of Blitzscaling (video) by Mark Lachance

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Mark is a serial entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and the author of the book “The lucky formula,” How to stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. He is a CEO and head investor of Maxy media, one of the largest Facebook, Snapchat, and Google display network performance marketing agencies worldwide. In this expert insight interview, Mark discusses the “concept of blitzscaling.”

This Expert Insight Interview Discusses:

  • How to properly invest to begin generating revenue.
  • How to Know If You’ve Invested in the Right Place
  • What are some of the pitfalls to avoid during the hiring process?

Focus on Revenue Generation

Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Founder) and Chris Yeh created the business concept and the book “Concept of Blitzscaling.” Blitzscaling is defined in the books as raising as much money as possible and then going out there and adequately investing it in hyper-growth. However, in Mark’s words, blitzscaling is “taking every single penny or dime of profit and rolling it back into hyper-growth.”

Making it to …

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