3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience title=
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

Content Strategy for Affiliate Marketing Sites [3.3] [Video]

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Content Strategy for Affiliate Marketing Sites [3.3]

In this lesson, you’ll learn the content strategy you should use to create a successful affiliate marketing website.

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The content marketing strategy we’ll be using revolves around organizing the list of topics from your keyword research list into logical structures that’ll help grow your SEO traffic to your affiliate site.

You’ll learn how to create a massive hub of related content covering all your niche’s essential topics. And more importantly, you’ll learn how all of this is related to creating “topical authority” for your site.

Topical authority is typically looked at as including two things:

► topical coverage (content);
► backlinks

Watch the video to learn more about building so-called ‘topical authority’ for your affiliate site.

Before you start building your web of related content, you’ll have to map topics together. And the most efficient way to map affiliate topics is by creating product clusters.

A product cluster is a simple content structure that connects a general comparison post with multiple product review posts.

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