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Control What’s Shared on Social Media – Thinkific Tutorial [Video]

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Control What’s Shared on Social Media – Thinkific Tutorial

When a visitor shares a sales page, your home page, or a custom page from your Thinkific site with others on social media, YOU want to control what information is shared. Learn how with this Thinkific Tutorial by recognized Thinkific expert Kim Garnett (Brainy Girl).

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How To Create a Mobile App For Your Online Course [Video]

If you have online courses or a coaching program, a mobile app makes it so much easier for your students to access and complete your training. The good news is that you do NOT need to be techy, or have bajillions of dollars to get one! @tekmatix comes with a super easy mobile app for your students AND for you as the admin! And you can really easily customise it with your logo, name and branding! Grab a FREE TRIAL on the all-in-one online business and course creation platform here: