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Conversions & Conversion Rates in Google Analytics 4 Reports [Video]

Conversions & Conversion Rates in Google Analytics 4 Reports

Conversions data provides you with important insights for your website because they show the outcomes of the user journeys. The conversion data can help you decide how to optimize your website for better user experiences and better conversion rates.

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00:00 Intro: Existing Conversion Data in Google Analytics 4
01:18 Out-of-the-Box Conversion Report in Google Analytics 4
02:35 Funnel Exploration for Conversion Rates in Google Analytics 4
05:21 Funnel Chart Visualizing Conversions in Google Analytics 4
05:46 Conversions Data Table in Google Analytics 4
07:53 Creating a New Funnel Exploration in Google Analytics 4 for Conversions
09:17 Adding New Steps in Conversion Funnel for Google Analytics 4
12:01 Conclusion

There’s an out-of-the-box report for conversions in the engagement section of Google Analytics 4. Unfortunately, that report doesn’t include conversion rates.

Tthere are quite a few differences between Google Analytics 4 and the Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics, so it’s not so easy to find everything you’re looking for. That includes data for conversion rates.

Since Google Analytics 4 is a bit different from the Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics, it’s not apparent where to find conversion rates. With so many metrics available to find the conversion rates on your website, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The key is to create a custom report using the funnel exploration report type. You can create funnel steps or stages using conditions with events and perimeters. The great thing about using the funnel exploration in Google Analytics 4 is the flexibility for reporting on conversion rates using various events.

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