Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

Creating Property Landing Page – The best way to promote your listings online [Full Guide] [Video]

Creating Property Landing Page – The best way to promote your listings online [Full Guide]

The new way of creating Property Landing Pages in the Placester platform opens new venues to share your listings through online channels. Check the full guide and start using Automated Property Landing Pages for Realtors today! Give us 15 minutes ⏱ to show you what Placester is about ➡

Video chapters🎥 :
00:00 Why should you use Property Landing Pages?
00:15 Create a Property Landing Page
00:50 Promote Multiple Listings – Template duplication
01:10 Adjust Page Content and Modules
01:50 Customize Modules
02:30 Endless options to customize PLP

Easily create new Landing Pages for your listings.
The landing page will scrap the information you want to display from the MLS. All you need to do is select a listing, and after all, the details are adjusted, you can decide what information you want to present and in what order.

Duplicate templates with one click.
The best part about property landing pages is that you can promote multiple listings simultaneously. After completing the template, you can duplicate it and choose another listing. All the details will be adjusted on the page.

Endless possibilities.
With Property Landing Pages, everything happens automatically. You don’t have to manually add any information. You can adjust what information we present from the MLS. This way, you can iterate on one design until you find the perfect formula for a landing page that brings you conversion.

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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale


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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

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