How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
12 Steps to Create Videos


Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale


Our client is on the forefront of bio-hacking with AI.
They hired us to increase their conversion rates and sales on their website.
Here’s how we did it.
Let’s break down the before/after now 👇

CRO Insights 📈: My company has been designing high converting landing pages for 10 years.
I’m lifting the lid on internal projects and breaking down:
1. Before and after designs
2. What we’ve changed and why it will increase conversion rates

1. We’ve optimized the above the fold section

❌ Before: A number of big no’s when it comes to CRO. 1. Never use white text on busy backgrounds. 2. Never use fonts under size 12.

✅ After: Now you can clearly visualize with a really cool image exactly how this benefits you.

2. We’ve simplified and improved the headers

❌ Before: The copy was fine but it kept people guessing as to exactly what they were signing up for.

✅ After: We’ve hit them with bigger, bolder and more simple headlines that explain exactly what they can expect + the outcome.

3. We’ve added one clear call to action

❌ Before: The above the fold looked more like a magazine article with no clear call to action.

✅ After: We added a very clear button that uses urgent enticement for exclusivity and therefor excites people to click and sign up asap.

4. We’ve included much needed social proof

❌ Before: They show trust logos but lack in actual human verification.

✅ After: Something as “niche” and “Taboo” as AI bio-hacking needs to be backed up (anchored) with clear social proof. We added a review + the happy reviews snap.

5. We still showed the as seen on above the fold (just)

❌ Before: The client does a great job of including these before so we didn’t want to remove them.

✅ After: We were still able to maintain these above the fold on mobile but move them below the much needed social proof.

🚀 Don’t show text on a bust background
🚀 Simplify your headlines and mention outcomes
🚀 Always included a strong call to action
🚀 Use social proof to establish trust in something new
🚀 Leverage the credibility of others as your own

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