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cute & interactive carrd tutorialI [Video]

cute & interactive carrd tutorialI

Hi everyone ! Ash here ! Here is a cute and Interactive carrd tutorial which is compatible for phone too !

– do I have to credit you ?
Its not necessary, but if you want to you can recommend my channel
– do i need pro account ?
No, you don’t need pro account! All of my tutorials are made for non pro users.

this tutorial’s difficulty: intermediate .

check out my carrd;

ask me a question!

resources i use in my carrds like symbols, icons , can all be found in my Pinterest!

bgm creds :

Animal crossing new horizons soundtrack:

Howl’s Moving Castle/Music Box:

10- (03) Kiki Delivery’s Service – Joe Hisaishi (Music Box Collection) Ghibli’s movies :DISCLAIMERS: I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSICS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO J.H AND GHIBLI’S STUDIO.

【Music Box/VEGA ORGEL】Arrietty’s Song【The Secret World of Arrietty】:

time stamps;
intro: (0:00)
header + home 1: (0:12)
final results: (11:25)
outro: (11:45)

if you’ve read this far, thanks so much for watching ! luv y’all so much!

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