How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
12 Steps to Create Videos

Dan Kurtz ⚙ Create an SEO Digital Assistant (VA) [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

Dan Kurtz ⚙ Create an SEO Digital Assistant (VA)

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A new Google Office Hours video was posted this past week. Let’s check out one of the questions.
Does it matter if one uses underscores or hyphens to separate keywords in the URL?

This is a common question I always get, and I always point my clients or dev teams to Google search docs.
Eric Laundres shares his insights on how to recover from the latest Google update:

Be sure to check out the whole video to understand how he proves his theory on-site engagement
Field observations by the hosts of SEO Fight Club Here is what they found:
I’ve built authority social media accounts and personas for ten years.
One nugget is finding expired Twitter handles and reregistering them.
You can find expired social accounts for any network using ScrapeBox.
SaaS Content Internal Linking Checklist Russ Hudgens, let’s check one out:
I love the idea of tables of contents for blogs.
It’s great way to organize your content to win featured snippets and passage indexing potentially
This brings me to my favorite part of the show.
Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them as soon as they are received.
Before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.
Dan Kurtz has been a marketing mercenary for hire since 2006.
He is the grower of businesses, the optimizer of processes, and the slayer of bad digital marketing.
His 15-year career in digital marketing includes consulting work with companies like Bing and Nielsen to grow their business through process and workflow optimization and automation.
He is a speaker and entrepreneur.
He is the founder of Miss Pepper AI, an AI that UNIQUELY builds SEO content designed to catch Google AI’s attention.
Please welcome Dan Kurtz.

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