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Data Intake – Eliminate Paper Processes [Video]

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Data Intake – Eliminate Paper Processes

Paper slows you down.

Plus, imagine all you could do with the data that resides on your paper documents.

What about bringing data from your paper and digital documents into a single system?

It’s all possible through Data Intake.

Step 1 – Discovery and Estimate
We’ll analyze your documents and doctypes. We’ll create plan and get you an estimated cost to digitize your documents. If you already have some digitized, that’s fine too.

Step 2 – Choose How We Receive Files
We can pick up files in select locations, you can ship the files to us, or deliver your files digitally.

Step 3 – Document Conversion
Documents are reviewed, digitized, checked for quality, indexed, and validated.

Step 4 – Choose What To Do With Your New Digital Files
We can hand off your PDF images, capture and extract important data points, and/or deliver your files to a specific content management system or database.

Step 5 – Activate Your Data
We can help you determine how to use your data, like identifying a new content management system if you don’t already have one, building automated workflows to reduce manual work, or developing reports and analytics to power better decision-making.

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