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Datamyth (Lifetime Deal) Review, Demo & Tutorial – Digital Marketing Reports With Automated Analysis [Video]

Datamyth (Lifetime Deal) Review, Demo & Tutorial – Digital Marketing Reports With Automated Analysis

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In this session, we are hosting founder of Datamyth, Rajasekar Ragavan. Raja will showcase how to create digital marketing reports with automated analysis & performance insights within seconds!

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✅What is DataMyth?
▶DataMyth is a SaaS based reporting tool which helps digital marketers to build reports with automated analysis along with performance insights in writing.
▶DataMyth is more than just charts & graphs, it is comprehensive reporting with automated insights, all built in a couple of seconds.😊

✅What problem are we solving? 🔍
Save an Average of 7.5 Hours a Week – Create reports within minutes with performance insights and use the time saved to hit your next milestone.
▶Automated Analysis – What’s Working & What’s Not – Build comprehensive reports to enhance your campaign efficiency. DataMyth identifies the change in performance and the reason for the difference based on the degree of impact.
▶More Than Just Graphs – Get intuitive and comprehensive reports to scale your business with the analysis.
▶Data-Driven Performance Analysis – The analysis identifies the change in performance based on the metric selected. Multiple aspects are taken into consideration to arrive at the elements that caused the impact.
▶Comprehensive Report Structure – A multi-layered report with a summary that caters to stakeholders or clients and detailed sections that delve deeper into the performance for analysts.
▶Actionable Insights – Get insights in writing that help you identify your campaign’s performing and non-performing aspects in just a couple of clicks.
▶Logo & Client Name – Add the client logo for each channel, and all the subsequent reports will include the logo. You can update the logo at any time. The reports also have a provision to include the name of the client.
▶Fast-tracked Reports – Reports that usually take anywhere between 2-4 hours will now be ready within a couple of minutes.
▶Cost Savings – Calculate your current cost to build reports and your savings with DataMyth with the help of this cost calculator.
▶Channel Integrations – Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads can be integrated with DataMyth.
▶Unlimited Reports – No matter the plan you select, get access to unlimited reports for each client/brand.
▶Security – DataMyth follows all compliance and privacy requirements to ensure that your data is secure.
▶Scalability – Whether you manage one or 100 accounts, leave it to DataMyth to build your reports with analysis.
▶No Data Storage – Your data is not stored except when you upload your campaign change history for Google Ads.
▶Faster Reporting – Setup your reports once and refresh your data going forward at the click of a button.
▶Build Reports as per Your KPI – Select your KPI while setting up the report and get relevant insights.

✅Who are we solving this problem for? 😇
▶Digital Marketing Agency
▶Digital Analytics Agency
▶SMBs and SMEs
▶Online Businesses
▶Digital Marketers

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