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Decades of Relevance | The Creative Show [Video]

Decades of Relevance | The Creative Show

Tune in for our The Creative Show ⚡ Livestream ⚡ Friday, January 28 starting at 2pm EST.

Hosts Joseph “J.K.” Kalinowski and Buddy Scalera discuss creative staying power. Join us as they explore how some brands have managed to stay relevant over the years by using creativity in their storytelling. Plus, the popular segment “What’s in the Box?” and any other shenanigans the guys get into.

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3 Insights on Holidays, Patience and Meetings (385) [Video]

Three different thoughts and ideas this episode. The first considers why starting a holiday could be an amazing opportunity for your business. The second talks about the most important skill for content entrepreneurs - patience. The third is a pro-tip before you go into that next meeting.
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How to get started with marketing automation in Growmatik [Video]

In this video we will learn how Growmatik can help with the most common marketing challenges and tasks, from growing your audience to nurturing and recovering.For starters, Growmatik is a unified marketing automation platform that helps you build smarter marketing campaigns with industry-leading targeting and highly relevant marketing content for emails, pop ups and web pages.Let's dig in! ▬ Table of Contents ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬00:11 - What is Growmatik?00:44 - How to create your first marketing automations in Growmatik?01:36 - Collect more leads by showing on-exit popups02:52 - Personalize landing page content based on geolocation03:53 - Nurture and retain existing customers with cross-sell emails05:24 - Recover abandoned carts with smart email sequences07:11 - How to measure the performance of our marketing automations?