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DEFI CRYPTO: Class Highlights | Decentralized Finance [Video]

DEFI CRYPTO: Class Highlights | Decentralized Finance

This DeFi Crypto Class highlights all of the points you need to learn, know, and may have missed within the lesson given about Decentralized Finance.

DeFi Crypto Class for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (Full Length Video):

Playlist for DeFi Crypto Class:

First Class Bonus (Page):

My name is Northstar and I am the CMTO – Chief Marketing Technology Office of Friday Viral. This video has been edited for highlights.

0:00 DeFi Crypto Class Introduction
0:18 Bonus Page Access
1:03 What is Decentralized Finance?
1:13 What is a Bank? Banking Definition
3:09 How DeFi Applies to You?
3:42 How Does DeFi Work?
4:48 DeFi Definition
5:00 Concept & Use of DeFi
5:25 List of Top 25 DeFi Platforms
6:29 What’s Special About DeFi?
7:40 The Power of DeFi
9:08 Market Impact on Crypto Asset(s)
9:50 Unlock Your Access to Money
10:12 Benefits and Use of DeFi
11:40 Downsides of DeFi
12:26 Steps to DeFi – Decentralized Finance
13:47 About Flash Loan
14:31 Steps To A Flash Loan
15:40 Proof of Concept
17:47 Impact of Starting w/$100
18:47 Challenges of Financing vs. DeFi
19:37 List of Crypto Wallets
20:26 DeFi Optimization Strategy
21:51 Things You Need To Know About DeFi
24:14 NFT – Non Fungible Token
24:28 What is an NFT? Definition
24:58 Tory Lanez Sells 1 Million NFT’s in 1 Minute
26:03 Minting NFT
26:37 Soulja Boy & Lil Pump Offer NFT on Republic
29:27 NFT Bonds
30:23 Bond Definition
31:55 Benefit of NFT’s Use & Function

DeFi is an acronym for decentralized finance, non-traditional banking done online, accessible by using cryptocurrency known as stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Dai coin, and other cryptotokens and cryptocoins.

Cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin, expanded into investing, as crypto investing. The potential to make you very wealthy, risk is based on market volatility and trade volume.

For being a viewer I offer you a First Class Bonus accessible using the link provided above. You will gain access to Seven Dollar Entrepreneur – 3 Core Principles All Entrepreneurs Need to sustain, progress and grow in your business; Learn How To Get Rich Online (ebook); Live From My Smartphone (album). My show of appreciation and gratitude for you. Thank You!

This video empowers you to take charge of your financial future, especially with personal finance. Challenges with financing and lack of access to funding puts a halt to what we want to do. Banking with cryptocurrency using decentralized finance enables you to bypass that. Gives you an alternative to finance yourself without having to depend on outside help.

The more you know the more you can grow, and the better off you are. With the excitement and potential of cryptocurrency, DeFi is unlimited financial power in your hands, and with it you can accomplish and achieve what you want without restriction due to being pegged as uncreditworthy. Circumstance should not be the determining factor as to why you can’t get what you need now with having access to decentralized finance.

Everyone’s financial goals are different, and whatever the goal is for you, decentralized finance via crypto investing is an option you can explore and discover how it can help you within your business venture(s), entrepreneurial pursuits, and if you just have a dream.

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*Public Disclaimer: The intention of this video, and the information therein, along with the First Class Bonus page, is to educate and inform those who seek to learn more about Cryptocurrency and DeFi. With these efforts we intend to improve the use and understanding of decentralized finance and the mechanics thereof. The subject of DeFi and Cryptocurrency for most people getting into it is complex, and, as with all things, it takes time to learn the systems, lingo, and mechanical operations of the cryptocurrency space. Investing in Cryptocurrency can be risky, therefore, it is your personal obligation to inform and educate yourself in the best way possible because your efforts are your own. The information contained within this video and distributed on the First Class Bonus page is intended to teach and inform, and can not be taken as financial advice in accordance with governing law. Your efforts are your own, therefore, you are responsible for how you process this information and what you decide to do with it. If you are a entrepreneur and, or, business owner, please be advised this is a peer to peer communication, and, if you are someone with a dream, this is a FRIDAY VIRAL LLC communication speaking and educating for the sake of economic growth and prosperity for the good of all.

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